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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bringing the Outdoors In

Joint Meeting with both the Guides and the Brownies

Station One – Waterproof a Sleeping Bag (gym one)

Station Two – Pitch a Tent (gym one)

Station Three – Menu Planning (lunchroom)

Station Four – Compasses (gym two)

Station Five – Pack your Camping Backpack (gym two)

With a 1.5 hour meeting, and leaving ten minutes at beginning & end for opening closing etc, each station will be almost 15 minutes.

Girls will rotate from lunchroom to gym one (where the Brownies usually meet) then gym two (where the Guides usually meet). We will open and close as a group in gym one.

Program covered:

Beyond You – Explore the Outdoors & Nature #3, #4, #6
Exploring - #5
Hiking #6

Camp Out #1 or Basic Camper #1
Camp Out #3

Coming Soon

Materials Required:

Waterproof a Sleeping Bag:
Ground sheet
Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
Extra blanket
Pillow (optional)
15 feet of rope

Pitch a Tent

Cardinal Points
3 – 4 compass
3 - 4 place marker
5-6 list of directions

Pack your backpack
Sleeping bag
Ditty Bag
First Aid kit
Mess kit
Pots / pans


Cardinal Points
Equipment: Per team (2-3 girls),
one compass,
one place marker,
one list of directions.

Play in a large area such as a schoolyard. Scatter the teams around so each team starts at a different point. Have the teams mark their starting point with a beanbag, backpack, or other marker. (Gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins are a popular option!) From their starting point, teams follow a set of bearings and distances. If they do it correctly, they should finish at the same point where they started.

Course :
Walk 5 paces to the North.
Walk 10 paces to the West.
Walk 20 paces to the South
Walk 15 paces to the East
Walk 15 paces to the North
Walk 5 paces to the West.

Waterproofing a Sleeping Bag

Talk to the girls about:

Why we waterproof our sleeping bags

  • If you arrive at camp and it is raining….
  • If you’re on a canoe trip and you Dad yells ‘pry’ but instead your Mom draws, and you get pinned between two rocks with water pouring in….

That we roll the head first and the feet last

  • If it does get wet, you want it to be at the very bottom

That the extra blanket will keep us warmer if we put it in our sleeping bag, not on top of our sleeping bag

The sleeping bag has a moisture wicking layer on top that you don’t want to interfere with

A Bedroll is made of:
Tarp or plastic ground sheet
Foam mattress (air works too, but foam is warmer!)
Sleeping bag
Extra blanket

First, lay the ground sheet flat on the ground
Next, place the foam mattress in the middle of the ground sheet laid flat
Place the sleeping bag on top of the mattress
Place the blanket on top of the sleeping bag
Place the pillow in the middle of the sleeping bag.

You should now have five layers!

Next, fold the extra sides of the tarp to cover up the top of your sleeping materials
Now, roll the tarp up, starting with your head. If water does get inside, the spot that you start with will get wet last. You want your head to be nice and Warm!

Last, tie the bedroll up using a clove hitch knot.

Menu Planning

Talk to the girls about:

  • The importance of a balanced diet, especially at camp
  • Need fuel to keep going, hiking, playing, fresh air, etc.

When the leaders plan a camp, we plan our meals from the Canada Food Guide to make sure we have healthy meals, and then we add a few treats! Now it is your turn to plan a day of meals! Be creative, and work together. Don’t forget about something to drink!

Fruit / Veggie:

Morning Snack:

Fruit / Veggie:

Afternoon Snack:

Fruit / Veggie:

Bedtime Snack:

Pitch a Tent

Talk to girls about:
what makes a good site

  • flat
  • sheltered
  • etc.

The importance of a good site

  • If you’re at the bottom of a hill and it rains, you may flood
  • If you're at the top of a hill, you could blow away
  • If a storm comes up and you’re in the open, you are very exposed
  • Etc.

Care for the tent

  • It is fabric, not indestructible
  • If you touch the sides of a canvas tent, it will leak
  • If you touch the sides of a nylon tent, it could leak
  • Etc.

Talk to the girls about:

  • Cardinal directions (N, S, E, W)
  • Discuss pacing
  • Each pace should be the same length

Pack Your Camping Backpack
Talk to the girls about

  • Why it is important to have all the items that you do
  • Spreading the load around (multiple people)
  • How to we store our food?

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  1. Oh my God, this is fantastic! I just became a new Guide Leader for the Fall and this is amazing. I give a great big THANKS to who ever created this.