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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enrollment Prep & Lady Baden Powell Award

Program covered:
Begin Lady B-P Challenge (2nd & 3rd years)
Event Planning (1st Years)
You in Guiding – Understand the Promise, Law & Motto #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1st Years)
You & Others – Learn How to Plan #1 (1st Years)
Event Planning Badge (1st Years)

Materials Required:
Lady B-P info
Cards / Envelopes
Promise / Law Cards
Guide Ties
Paper etc. for Invitations


Discussion – Patrol leader Elections
Discuss what a patrol leader is, how many patrols, and speeches

Discussion – Enrollment November 18

Activity – Promise Relay (1st years)
In teams, put the cards with the promise on them in order.

Activity – Guide Tie relay (1st years)
In teams, tie the tie of the girl behind you. Once her tie is tied properly, she will tie the tie of the girl behind her, until the whole team is done.

Activity – Guide Handshake (1st years)
Teach the girls what the Guide handshake is (shake with the left hand) & why

Craft – Invitations to enrollment (1st years)

Activity – Discuss Lady B-P Challenge (2nd & 3rd years)

Practice enrollment


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