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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Discovering You

Program Covered:

Discovering You – Discover What’s important to you #2

Discovering You – Discover Your Creativity #6

Creative Craft #8

Materials Required:
o Picture Frames
o Washable Paint
o Paint for Frames
o Puzzle pieces to glue onto Picture frames
o Glue
o Scrapbooks
o Scrapbook info sheets
o Pens
o Stickers to decorate nametags


Welcome etc
o Washrooms
o Partners
o Expectations
o Routines


Initiative Games
o Get in pairs, find out about your partner, then introduce your partner to the group

Craft (Pink then White)
o Glue puzzle pices onto picture frames

Craft (White then Pink)
o Fill in Scrapbook Information


Leave nametags for next week

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